Stainless steel serrated ring spring system

Activo Protect-S Snap System

The tried-and-tested economy system


This push-button system, also known as Knipper®, is particularly safe and gentle on the fabric due to its nature. The fivefold teeth anchor themselves in the fabric without damaging it.

ACTIVO PROTECT-S is particularly suitable for stretchy and/or lighter fabrics. The flat appearance, the low weight and the supple closure offer active possibilities. Depending on the application, the individual system components can be combined in different ways.


  • flat design
  • smooth fastener
  • gentle to the fabric
  • lightweight
  • can be combined


  • Caps in stainless steel or plastic (PA66)
  • Caps with fashionable design / custom embossing



The individual spring segments open in the direction of the arrow,
when the stud is inserted.

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The Industrial Washing brochure with information on the Activo Protect-S is available for download. From correct processing to application examples, the catalogue offers everything you need to know about the Activo Protect-S push-button system. The document is available in PDF format. If you encounter problems displaying the document in your browser, we recommend that you use Adobe Reader. Download at


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ItemMaterial thickness [mm]Grammage [gr]Clothing
> 200< 200CoatBlousesJacketsTrousers
DAO 360,3 – 1,2
DAO 36.0010,3 – 1,2


Item designationDAO 36 (soft)DAO 36.001 (standard)
MaterialStainless steel 1.4401
ProcessingSemi-automatic and fully automatic
Care label1. Household laundry
2. Industrial laundry
Washing procedure for white workwear and/or sensitive coloured trimming items. Peracetic acid bleach Polyester/cotton. Regreasing is absolutely necessary
Norm conformityEN 71
DIN EN 1811 Nickel release< 0.28 μg/week
Absence of pollutantsOEKO-TEX Standard 100 (DETOX: We are currently undergoing recertification according to Attachment 6.)Class 2 (Products with direct skin contact)
The item meets the requirements of the REACH Regulation in the respective valid version
The item meets the statutory requirements of the Consumer Goods Ordinance and the Chemicals Prohibition Order in the respective valid version
Tear-off force (N)> 90N
Temperature resistance400˚C
Melting rangeapprox. 1.500˚C
Light-fastISO 105 B02
Corrosion resistancehigh
Additional informationATTENTION: After washing, REGREASING is absolutely necessary, for instance by means of a fabric softener. Otherwise, the powerful degreasing process during the industrial washing can lead to greatly increased opening values through to complete failure of the fastening system. To optimise and extend the durability of the fastening properties, we recommend closing fasteners during industrial washing, and always using rehydrating additives or, alternatively, the form-stable and durable press stud system PREMEO PROTECT-S 3.

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Material properties and thicknesses
The design of your garment is crucial to the correct selection of the appropriate ACTIVO system. The permissible fabric thickness depends on the number of layers of fabric on top of each other and their fabric properties at the attachment position. The fabric thickness is measured using a special micrometer. We are happy to support you in this. Please contact us and send us a sample of the corresponding textile.

Design recommendation / Selection of the right starting position
The attachment positions of the ACTIVO system on the garment should be chosen in such a way that uneven layers of fabric are avoided. The cuff widths (including seams) should be designed so that the selected press stud design has sufficient space for a secure connection and seams are avoided.

For multiple fabric layers, it is recommended to attach seams next to the attached ACTIVO push button. This prevents the superimposed layers of fabric from shifting when subjected to lateral stress.

Fabric overlaps (uneven fabric layers) within a cuff or a push-button position should also be avoided. The use of reinforcing tape is recommended to compensate for too thin fabric thicknesses/layers within the cuff. In order to ensure that the serrated ring printer is pulled out of a garment with low fabric strength, reinforcing tape should always be provided on the cuffs.

This leads to incorrect riveting (zigzag bone deflection cores). If the above criteria for selecting the correct attachment position are not taken into account.