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As a system partner, YKK STOCKO FASTNENERS offers customized complete solutions consisting of fasteners and fastening systems and individual processing technology. The Fastening Systems are used for sports and leisurewear, workwear and technical product applications. The versatile range comprises more than 60 product types and over 1,400 different basic items.

Research and development

Together with its customers, YKK STOCKO FASTENERS develops customer-specific Fastening Systems that are constantly optimized and adapted to new requirements. The development centers are networked worldwide and thus have access to the latest technologies. This ensures a fast development time.

Founded on November 8, 1901

The STOCKO success story began on November 8, 1901 in Sonnborn, which today belongs to Wuppertal. The newly founded company Stock & Co. launched a real innovation on the market with its very first product, the sew-on press stud. Over the years, the original company name developed into the brand name STOCKO. It became the company name in 1923 due to its high level of acceptance and recognition in the market.

STOCKO has developed from a small production company into an internationally active company that has been part of the globally active YKK Group since 1994. Within the Closure Technology division, YKK STOCKO FASTENERS GmbH is integrated into a worldwide sales network.

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Member of the YKK Group

As a globally active group of companies for fasteners and construction products, the YKK GROUP is represented by 114 companies in 71 countries and employs more than 44,000 people.

The YKK range includes technical and fashionable solutions for metal and plastic Fastening Systems. In addition to Snaps, Posts and decorative elements, this also includes adhesive fasteners as well as textile and plastic products (TFM). The YKK GROUP is also the world’s largest developer and manufacturer of zippers. Wherever something needs to be closed, fastened or held together, YKK is there to help.

In addition to fastening technology, architectural products (AP) form another YKK business division. With doors and windows as well as building facades, YKK AP creates lasting values for the future and as a company contributes to the creation of comfortable living spaces and urban areas.

“In a forest there are old and venerable trees, full of experience and knowledge. Other trees are young and little more than saplings. Some trees are tall, others short. But each tree grows in height and girth in its own individual way. An organization is like a forest, full of strength and vitality, which can contribute to the benefit of society.”
Tadao Yoshida, founder of YKK
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Development milestones

  • 1901

    Foundation of Stock & Co. on 08.11.1901 / First product: sew-on snap fastener

  • 1923

    The brand name STOCKO becomes the name of the company STOCKO GmbH

  • 1933

    Foundation of the subsidiary STOCKO Metal Works in England

  • 1935

    STOCKO employs more than 500 people

  • 1951

    STOCKO celebrates its fiftieth anniversary with more than 1000 employees

  • 1957

    Foundation of STOCKO France S.A. in Barr (Alsace), France

  • 1974

    Foundation of STOCKO Iberotecnica S.A. in Barcelona, Spain

  • 1978

    Foundation of STOCKO Tunisie SARL in Ez-Zahra, Tunisia

  • 1981

    STOCKO employs more than 1700 people

  • 1986

    State-of-the-art 110 t punching press / Development of waterproof Caps

  • 1992

    New production building / expansion of the production area by 4,000 square meters

  • 1994

    STOCKO Verschlusstechnik GmbH & Co KG becomes a member of the YKK GROUP / DIN EN ISO 9001 certification

  • 1997

    Development of the FlexFix® snap fastener system

  • 1999

    Start of own plastics production

  • 2001

    YKK STOCKO FASTENERS GmbH celebrates its 100th anniversary following completion of integration

  • 2002

    Introduction of environmental management system in accordance with DIN ISO 14001

  • 2006

    Sales launch in the automotive industry (ISO-FIX)

  • 2011

    Structure of the plastic injection molding department

  • 2017

    Setting up a two-color plastics production facility

  • 2018

    Introduction of a health and safety management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 45001

  • 2019

    Certification by EcoVadis

  • 2020

    Introduction of the YKK Sustainable Vision 2025

  • 2021

    25th anniversary – Member of the YKK Group
    Start Installation of photovoltaic systems

  • 2024

    Completion of the photovoltaic system Total output 165 Kw

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