CODE OF CONDUCT High quality, consistent precision and lasting safety

Value-based corporate philosophy

The YKK Group is characterized by the cycle of goodness and the Monozukuri philosophy. Monozukuri describes the art and craft of making things guided by the pursuit of continuous improvement – both of the manufactured product and of the processes and systems of production.

Sustainability Vision 2050

YKK’s action plan for a sustainable future

Climate change

CO2 neutrality by 2050

Chemicals management

Reducing the use of chemicals through new production methods

Material resources

100% sustainable textile materials by 2030

Respect people

Ensuring safe and fair workplaces throughout our supply chain

Water supplies

Reducing water consumption and increasing wastewater recycling

The cycle of goodness

Created by YKK company founder Tadao Yoshida, the “cycle of good” describes the corporate philosophy of shared benefits. It is based on the conviction that no one can be successful without allowing others to share in their success. With this in mind, YKK STOCKO contributes to the growth of its customers with its high-quality products and services.

In line with the cycle of goodness, YKK President Tadahiro Yoshida coined the management principle that YKK strives for a high corporate standard and value. The aim behind this is to manufacture only perfect, high-quality products from which the end product can also benefit.

Fair and balanced cooperation

Behind these management principles is the vision of fair and balanced cooperation.
This applies to all operational and entrepreneurial activities within the YKK GROUP, which are directed towards one goal: to offer customers all over the world quality and service at the highest level.
It is also one of the fundamental management principles of all YKK GROUP companies to contribute to the growth of a sustainable society.

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Highest quality in harmony with the environment

The name YKK STOCKO FASTENERS stands for the highest quality, constant precision and long-lasting security of all Fastening Systems.
Products you can rely on. Products that deliver what they promise, even in continuous use.

Quality management

The consistent quality of the products is ensured by comprehensive quality management.
The production facilities are certified to the international ISO 9001:2015 standard in accordance with globally applicable laws and regulations.

YKK STOCKO FASTENERS offers a worldwide customer base products and processed materials that are certified to ÖKOTEX Standard 100 and fulfill the criteria of EC Directive 94/27/EC.

YKK Code of Conduct

Environmental management

In 2002, YKK STOCKO FASTENERS introduced an environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001. YKK STOCKO FASTENERS is thus committed to complying with all relevant environmental laws and regulations, to continuously reducing environmental pollution and to meeting new environmental targets that are constantly being set.

Linked to this is the endeavor to use the technical capabilities together with YKK’s entrepreneurial spirit to constantly promote environmentally friendly methods in all business activities. YKK STOCKO FASTENERS contributes to the progress of society and to securing a stable future with an improved carbon footprint, reuse and recycling, and the pursuit of harmony with nature.

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Environmental Charter of 1994

The YKK GROUP adopted an environmental charter on September 20, 1994.
In the awareness that everyone can make a contribution to the preservation of the basis of life, the charter stipulated that environmental protection should be taken into account in all aspects, from product design to production and disposal.

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