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CASUAL- & SPORTSWEAR – Always in Fashion

As a partner to the international fashion industry, YKK STOCKO presents the latest collections for the spring/summer and fall/winter seasons.
The creative team is in close contact with internationally renowned trend agencies and fashion designers.
The latest trends for the next season are thus implemented at first hand.

Fashionable color, design and material variations

YKK STOCKO responds to the fashion industry’s fashionable diversity and individual design requirements with variable products. Customer embossing in the form of trademarks is just as possible as seasonally updated caps and accessories. The color, design and material variations always offer new design possibilities. On request, YKK STOCKO can also supply Snaps as a set with matching tack buttons, clothing rivets and decorative elements.

Sportswear and functional clothing

Technical and functional textiles have been used in the textile industry for years.
These consist mainly of membranes and form the laminate in combination with the textile carrier fabric.
The use of such laminates makes the clothing breathable, windproof and waterproof.
To maintain these properties, the use of a waterproof WetStop® Fastening Systems is highly recommended.
All WetStop® products are protected nationally and internationally by patents.

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