WORKWEAR Fastening Systems for sophisticated clothing

WORKWEAR – Form and function

The workwear sector generally places high functional demands on Snaps and fastening solutions.
This is where YKK STOCKO can draw on its decades of experience.
In our development department, we are constantly researching new innovative materials for our fastening solutions and testing them in accordance with international standards and norms.

The demands on the quality of a Snap are manifold:

  • Easy handling when closing and opening (often with just one hand)
  • High locking force
  • Temperature and heat resistance
  • Longevity
  • Good washability without rusting
  • Compliance with hygiene regulations
  • Watertightness
  • Detectability (HACCP)
  • Sophisticated design and many design options

Fastening Systems for high hygiene and industrial washability requirements


Workwear that is industrially laundered is subject to special requirements. For this reason, Fastening Systems made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel are the best solution.

In addition to the intensive wear and tear, the washing process in particular plays a decisive role in the service life and performance of the products. Washing substances and cycle dewatering presses can degrease and deform the functional parts and severely impair the Fastener. The result is Snaps that can no longer be opened or closed. High repair rates are the result.

For this reason, YKK STOCKO FASTENERS offers stainless steel versions of the various Snap Systems that are best suited to the respective requirements.


MAXIMUM PROTECTION ADVANCEN® Fire-retardant product code DP 300

The fire-retardant Snap System ADVANCEN® Fire-retardant is made entirely of high-performance plastic material and is therefore ideal for workwear protective clothing.
It complies with all relevant certifications for workwear as well as automotive and technical applications.
This makes ADVANCEN® Fire-retardant a Fastening System that meets the highest standards of safety and efficiency.
ADVANCEN® Fire-retardant is a lightweight, comfortable Snap System, ideal for hazardous working environments.
It reliably protects against thermal damage caused by high temperatures or electrical arcing.
ADVANCEN® Fire-retardant is also waterproof.



FlexFix® WetStop® does not allow water to penetrate, even when conditions become extreme.
The patented YKK Snap System was specially developed for waterproof clothing – and retains its full closing power even after many thousands of uses.
The integrated sealing element protects against moisture and keeps the garment wind and waterproof.


Functionality with high fashion standards

FlexFix® product code DUP 7 | DUP 10 and DUP 40, the modern Snap Systems, set accents and impress with their long service life. High-quality materials for convenient and reliable opening and closing. Fashionable highlights – exclusively from YKK.

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