Design options for Snap Caps, Jeans Denim Tackbuttons, Pocket Corner Sockets etc.

Design and finishing options

Surface finishes

Below are examples of our design options. Please note that the design options depend on the material of the caps.

Beitragsbild zu Standard
Standard for YKK Snap Caps
Beitragsbild zu Galvanic finishes
Galvanic finishing for functional parts
Beitragsbild zu Fashionable galvanic finishes
Fashionable galvanic finishes for Snap Caps, Jeans Tack Buttons, Pocket Corner Sockets etc.
Beitragsbild zu Fashionable environmentally friendly finishes
Fashionable environmentally friendly finishes for Snap Caps, Jeans Tack Buttons, Pocket Corner Rivets etc.
Beitragsbild zu ECO-FINISH Collection
ECO-FINISH Collection For Snap Caps and Jeans Tack Buttons

Snap Caps design options

How to turn a Snap into a fashionable design accessory

While the functionality of the Snap Caps is determined by the Sockets and Studs of the system, the Snap Caps are primarily important for the appearance. There are virtually no limits to the design options for Snap Caps. However, the material and the manufacturing process determine the technical feasibility. Below you will find an overview of the main design options.

Farbstrich orange

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