The high-end product specially developed
for industrial washing

Premeo Protect-S 3 Snap System

The forward-thinking long-life system

Press studs that undergo industrial washing need to meet stricter requirements. This includes the high mechanical load exerted by the dewatering presses. The opening values may not change either as a result of wear or degreasing. PREMEO PROTECT-S 3 based on a retaining ring is suitable for thin and light to medium-heavy materials and knitwear. The excellent form stability is guaranteed by the FlexFix® technology. Thanks to the material selection, there is no risk of cold welding when buttoning up.


PREMEO PROTECT-S 3 with FlexFix® technology keeps you on the safe side. Thanks to its form stability, the high-end product that is specially developed for industrial washing is highly durable and has constant opening values. Sustainability is that easy.



  • High stability when using dewatering presses
  • Constant opening values
  • No cold welding of socket and stud thanks to high-performance plastic
  • High level of comfort thanks to a constant level of quality
  • Long-term resistance
  • Number of repairs in the laundries are reduced


  • High thermal stability
  • Chemical resistance to hydrocarbons (car fuel, mineral oil, engine oil, etc.), essential oils, alcohol and conventional reagents (RKI list)
  • Washing and cleaning resistance according to DIN EN ISO 15797 (after min. 50 washes)
  • The norms EN 71, ÖkoTex 2 and Antinickel are satisfied


Tests at service supplier companies and the Institute ITV Denkendorf and Hohenstein* proved the high durability of the PREMEO PROTECT-S series. Thanks to its high-quality finish, PREMEO PROTECT-S 3 | 4 and 6 reduce the repair rates and contribute to reducing the costs. The constant high quality ensures a high level of comfort.

* The above-mentioned information corresponds to our current knowledge. Changes can be made at any time without prior notice. The technical information does not relieve you of your duty to carry out your own tests of our products with respect to their suitability for the intended application case. Our products are processed and used outside our control and therefore lie outside our scope of responsibilities. Our products are sold in line with our general terms and conditions.

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The Industrial Washing brochure with information on the Activo Protect-S can also be downloaded here. From correct processing to application examples, the catalogue offers everything you need to know about the Activo Protect-S push-button system. The document is available in PDF format. If you encounter problems displaying the document in your browser, we recommend that you use Adobe Reader. Download at


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ItemMaterial thickness [mm]Grammage [gr]Clothing
> 200< 200CoatBlousesJacketsTrousers
DPO 3/36
0,2 – 1


Item designationDPO 3/36SP
MaterialStainless steel 1.4401 + plastic POM
ProcessingSemi-automatic and fully automatic
Care label1. Household laundry
2. Industrial laundry
Washing procedure for white workwear and/or sensitive coloured trimming items · Peracetic acid bleach Polyester/ cotton
Norm conformityEN 71
DIN EN 1811 Nickel release< 0,28 μg/week
Absence of pollutantsOEKO-TEX Standard 100 (DETOX:  We are currently undergoing recertification according to Attachment 6.)Class 2 (Products with direct skin contact)
The item meets the requirements of the REACH Regulation in the respective valid version
The item meets the statutory requirements of the Consumer Goods Ordinance and the Chemicals Prohibition Order in the respective valid version
Tear-off force (N)> 90N
Temperature resistanceUp to 160˚C (ISO 17493 – testing the convective heat resistance when using a hot-air circulating furnace – visual inspection of changes)
Melting rangeapprox. 180˚C
Corrosion resistanceStainless steel: highPlastic: very high
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Material properties and thicknesses
The design of your garment is decisive for the correct selection of the suitable PREMEO system. The permissible fabric thickness depends on the number of layers of fabric on top of each other and their fabric properties at the attachment position. The fabric thickness is measured using a special micrometer. We are happy to support you in this. Please contact us and send us a sample of the corresponding textile.

Design recommendation / Selection of the right starting position
The attachment positions of the PREMEO system on the garment should be chosen so that unevenly thick layers of fabric are avoided. The design of the cuff widths (including seams) should be such that the pushbutton design to be selected has sufficient space for a secure connection and that attachment to seams is avoided.

In the case of multiple layers of fabric, it is recommended to attach seams next to the PREMEO snap fastener. This prevents the superimposed layers of fabric from shifting when subjected to lateral stress.

Fabric overlaps (uneven fabric layers) within a cuff or a push-button position should also be avoided. The use of reinforcing tape is recommended to compensate for too thin fabric thicknesses/layers within the cuff. In order to ensure that the serrated ring printer is pulled out of a garment with low fabric strength, reinforcing tape should always be provided on the cuffs.

This leads to incorrect riveting (zigzag bone deflection cores). If the above criteria for selecting the correct attachment position are not taken into account.